About me

Clara QuintelaClara Quintela

aka ClaraBeauty.

textile artist, journalist, embroiderer, knitter, spinner, maker, teacher, storyteller.

Brazilian living in Montreal, Canada, since 2012.


After working for almost two decades as a journalist, I decided to put aside all those written words and express myself through threads. The idealistic dream to make a difference and change the world that led me to choose Journalism, however, still lives in me.

In my work, I address social and political issues that I personally experience  as a feminist and the awkwardness of being a foreigner outside my home country. I am also interested in exploring feelings that we cannot express with words. From one project to another, I try to find my balance creating visual poetry and metaphors to illustrate what I can not describe in writing.

Now that I have retired my pen, needles are my tools. Through embroidery, I let colour flow and shape the images that will compose my pieces. Knitting, crochet, spinning and weaving are also textile crafts that I master and play with to translate my thoughts.