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Tulipes Cowl

Posted by on Mar 18, 2013 in Designs | 9 comments

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This is the last pattern before Winter is over – look how much snow was falling the day I took the pictures!

A very good pattern when you have little time or little patience,  and yet, you want to make something beautiful.

Suggestion: my friend Bel is knitting this pattern with a sport weight yarn (150m/ 50gr/ merino + silk), using 4,5mm needles.  So that, she co 136 sts, and made 6 repetitions more (17 total).

Have fun =)

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Tulipes Cowl

by Clara Beauty


2 balls of Venezia (Cascade. 70% Merino, 30% Silk. Bulky. 3.5oz/102yd)

Circular Needle US 10 (6mm)

1 marker


11,5″ x 14,5″


Chart (8 sts) one repetion = 2,5″


Cast on 80 sts.Taking care not to twist stitches, place a marker and join to work in the round.

Setup rounds:

round 1: k.

round 2: p.

Then, start the chart:

Round 1: *k, yo, cdd, yo, k, yo, cdd, yo*.

Round 2 and all even: k.

Round 3 and 5: *k5, yo, cdd, yo*.

Round 7: *yo, ssk, k, k2tog, yo, k3*.

Repeat rounds 1-8 eight times more. Then, knit one round and purl the next one.

Bind off loosely and block.

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  1. Iris

    Lindão! Amei a cor, as fotos, a neve, o trabalho! Amei tudo! 🙂

  2. Liz

    BEAUTIFUL – Can’t wait to try this. I have just the yarn. Thank you!

  3. Sharon Thomson

    So is CDD2 central double decrease x 2?

    • clarabeauty

      Sharon, ops… it’s a mistake. I already corrected. Make just 1 cdd.

      Many thanks for your help 🙂

  4. Rebeca

    oi Clara,

    linda gola!!!
    obrigada pela receita(e já em PDF) !
    salvei e vou fazer :))


  5. adriana dias

    eu já tenho 5 carreiras de tulipas prontas

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