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Posted by on Nov 12, 2013 in Blog | 7 comments

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Sunday night I had already done a pair of slippers for my husband and finished some things that needed to be finished, when a emptiness came after me: what do I do now?

I didn’t want to start something new that would made me spend time thinking the best yarn, the best needles, make  swatch… and then I found out a old batt in my trunk, made I don’t know when, with fibers I don’t remember and colors… hhhmm…. “exotic” (I mean, not my comfort zone).

But the batt was ready and I decided to spin it, that it’s a kind of meditative occupation for me and make me drift away (if I am spinning a simple yarn, of course).

As I had just few grams of fiber, I decided to ply with a sock yarn (Da Fazenda) I had dyed months ago, but the last 24m I had to ply it with itself because the commercial yarn  I had wasn’t enough.
Anyway, the final result was 60gr/72 mm.
“So, now what?”, I thought. “What do I do with 72m?”. I posted the question at my Facebook page and, among many answers,  Maria Cláudia suggested a moebius.
And this is the result:
Special thanks to Bia Medina, who taught me how to make a moebius in 2010. 🙂
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  1. Marisa Miani Cavalcanti

    Que charmoso! 72 metros ?! Ótimo presentinho de ´Natal… Gostei e salvei.

  2. Anita

    Lindo! Saudades de mais da conta de ouvir você.
    Bjs saudosos.

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