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And the family grows!

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In 2015 I became officially aunt. This is very significant to me because my aunts – my mother’s sisters – were extremely important in my childhood and even today and I know that I wouldn’t be the same without their presence in my life.

Luke, my sister’s Cecília son, came to the world to make me a happier person. But he didn’t come alone. Juliette, Julie and Kazu, my friends’ babies also were born last year.

I took the opportunity to spend the entire year knitting for them:

Luke, Juliette, Julie e Kazu

Luke, Juliette, Julie e Kazu

* Luke and Juliette wear the Snug (by Hinke), a garter stitch cardigan easy to knit and very ingenious.
* Julie celebrated Christmas wearing a tiny little Santa hat.
* Kazu seems very comfortable with my Desert Flower blanket.

No, this is not everything. I knit much more than that for them. And I love to see them wearing 🙂

I hope I could be as good as my aunts were to me 🙂

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