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About me

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Clara Beauty, aka Clara Quintela.

>>My studio

Brazilian living in Canada since 2012.

Cat person. Ballerina wannabe.

Journalist by trade. Fiber artist by nature. Teacher&student.

Knit addicted (of course…). Big fan of strong colors, top down seamless constructions, circular work, pointed metal needles, soft high quality yarn, socks and lace.

Hand spinner night and day. Can’t live anymore without making yarn.

Stubborn, merciless, obsessive, evil. Creative, generous, loyal, tireless, optmistic.

Good at everything she wants to do.

Terrible at sports, but loves running.

Likes reading, eating, dancing, drinking, watching TV series, studying (chinese tradicional medicine, biology, french, english, piano…), being alone.

Dislikes cockroaches, coffee, darkness, noise, crowd, get stuck in the traffic, being late, not knowing the lesson, waiting.

Wishes more time, more friends, more chocolate.

Always planning to go…
Collects dreams.